Frank Fonts is an independent type foundry founded by Béla Frank in 2018. The foundry offers retail typefaces, custom type design and production and typographic services.

Béla is a British-Hungarian type and graphic designer who has been drawing letters and releasing fonts since 2010.

He studied graphic design and typography and learned type design by making and publishing a set of striking display typefaces and FR Hopper, a sans text typeface between 2010-2012. In the same period he worked on custom typefaces and letterings for clients from Hungary, the EU, the UK, the US and Russia.

After moving to the UK, he joined Fontsmith, the London based type design studio in 2012. There he was responsible for type design expansion and technical excellency of the foundry's output. He stayed on till mid-2015 when he returned to graphic design.

His passion for letterforms and desire to work with clients who need high-quality and affordable type design eventually lead to setting up Frank Fonts.


You can find our EULAs (End User Licence Agreement) here.

Please read them and make sure your understand and happy with all the terms. Should you have any questions, please contact us at info@frankfonts.com.

File formats

When you purchase a licence you get the typeface(s) in different formats. Our basic licence comes with the typeface(s) in .otf format for print work. They are compatibly with the majority of desktop applications. For web use .woff and .woff2 formats are delivered. You can self-host them for web projects.

Payment information

Frank Fonts partnered with FastSpring, a reseller trusted by many businesses around the globe. We partnered with FastSpring in order to offer you maximum convenience, and secure payout and file delivery.

When you are buying our typefaces upon clicking the 'Checkout' button you'll be directed to FastSpring where you can pay using your bank cards, PayPal or Amazon account or wire transfer. After successful payment, the font files can be downloaded and an email will be sent to your address. Please note that some payment options might not be available in your place of residence.

Some of our typefaces are sold exclusively through Frank Fonts. When you are purchasing them through us you get a licence that covers both desktop & web font uses for up to 2 licensed users and for one domain with less than 20,000 pageviews/month. For more information, refer to our basic EULA. In case of further enquiries or if you wish to purchase a bigger licence, get in touch at info@frankfonts.com.

Payments are one-time only and exclude VAT. All payments are processed securely by FastSpring, a software reselling service. Being the merchant of record for all Frank Fonts orders, FastSpring provides customer service inquiries and handles returns. Your payment and delivery will be processed securely by FastSpring, our distributor. You will receive the font files within minutes after successful payment. Please note that VAT based on your location may be added to the price. You can remove it by providing your valid company EU VAT ID during chekout.

Contact and social

You can contact us at info@frankfonts.com. We will try and answer your emails as soon as possible.

You can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page or follow us at Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Behance.


Frank Fonts is an independent, award-winning type foundry specializing in amplifying the voice of organization through typographic design. Whether you’re interested in a bespoke typeface tailored to your brand’s needs, having an existing Frank Fonts release customized to reflect the tone of your business or need to cover more languages, we’re up to the task.

We can help with...

Custom typeface design

Typefaces are invaluable brand assets as your brand's voice. Custom typefaces were once for big corporations only but those days are long gone. Now we can see new albums, small studios and artists giving an extra dimension to their communication by using a type that was tailored for them and only for them.

May your brand or product need a unique voice? At Frank Fonts, we can develop you high quality type designs that will fit and enrich your brand perfectly.

Interested to learn more? Contact us now at info@frankfonts.com.

Font modification, character set and language support extension

Great as our fonts are, they may lack a glyph or feature you need or you prefer a simple lowercase g? This should not be a problem. We can take and customise our font for your so that it works perfectly in a way you want it to.

Which font of ours can we better for you today? Contact us now at info@frankfonts.com.

Customization of existing commercial Frank Fonts typefaces

Great as our fonts are, they may lack a glyph or feature you need or you prefer a simple lowercase g? This should not be a problem. We can take and customise our font for your so that it works perfectly in a way you want it to.

Which font of ours can we better for you today? Contact us now at info@frankfonts.com.

Font production

Anyone can draw letters. Anyone can turn them into working fonts using a font editor software these days. But not everyone may wish to learn a new app or find out about the intricacies of font production.

Not to mention when you turn your design into a font and it won't work on a specific platform in a specific app - or even worst it won't work at all.

We can help. Frank Fonts has been accumulating an extensive and detailed knowledge base of font production over the course of years. We can take your font, logo or lettering and turn it into the digital design and format you need.

Contact us now at info@frankfonts.com.

Art direction, custom wordmark and logotype development, typographic consultation

Have you got stuck during the process of creating your logo, wordmark, typeface or typographic design? Would you like to ask for a fresh pair of eye for or an objective opinion on them?

We can help with that. Frank Fonts has been working with design and typography for more than a decade now with clients from all over the world.

What can we help you with today? Contact us now at info@frankfonts.com.