Custom typefaces

Typefaces are invaluable brand assets as your brand's voice. Custom typefaces were once for big corporations only but those days are long gone. Now we can see new albums, small studios and artists giving an extra dimension to their communication by using a type that was tailored for them and only for them.

May your brand or product need a unique voice? At Frank Fonts, we can develop you high quality type designs that will fit and enrich your brand perfectly.

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Font modification

Great as our fonts are, they may lack a glyph or feature you need or you prefer a simple lowercase g? This should not be a problem. We can take and customise our font for your so that it works perfectly in a way you want it to.

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Font production

Anyone can draw letters. Anyone can turn them into working fonts using a font editor software these days. But not everyone may wish to learn a new app or find out about the intricacies of font production.

Not to mention when you turn your design into a font and it won't work on a specific platform in a specific app - or even worst it won't work at all.

We can help. Frank Fonts has been accumulating an extensive and detailed knowledge base of font production over the course of years. We can take your font, logo or lettering and turn it into the digital design and format you need.

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Have you got stuck during the process of creating your logo, wordmark, typeface or typographic design? Would you like to ask for a fresh pair of eye for or an objective opinion on them?

We can help with that. Frank Fonts has been working with design and typography for more than a decade now with clients from all over the world.

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